Chris Pratt and Melissa McCarthy Share Hilarious First Headshot Stories On Graham Norton Show (VIDEO)

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Chris Pratt Melissa McCarthy Graham Norton Show

By Minyvonne Burke |

Chris Pratt Melissa McCarthy Graham Norton Show

(Graham Norton Show)

Chris Pratt and Melissa McCarthy both have very funny stories about their first headshot photos. The pair, who was joined by Jude Law and John Bishop, recounted the hilarious stories on Thursday’s “The Graham Norton Show.” See the videos below.

Pratt, who has been promoting his new film Jurassic World, recalled how when he first moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting, everyone kept telling him he needed headshots. “I was on the hunt for headshots, but I was completely broke,” recalled Pratt. The actor then said that while at the post office in West Hollywood, which he says is a “predominantly gay area,” he met a man who was willing to take the photos for him free of charge. “The guy goes… come to my home and I’ll give you headshots,” said Pratt, adding, “I go, ‘What does it cost,’ and he goes, “It’s fine, I’ll cover you.'”

While most people might not take the man up on his offer, a young Pratt did. The actor said when he got to the man’s house, he was instructed to take a shower because he was “probably a little grimy,” and then change into new clothes the man had picked out for Pratt. “He takes a bunch of photos, and he’s like directing me and telling me what to do, and he takes all these photos and takes the film thing out of the camera and gives it to me, and he was like ‘There you go,'” recalled Pratt, noting, “And I just walked out [the guy’s house].” Bishop jokes and tells Pratt, “Yeah, I’d stick to that story as well.” And Norton tells the actor the photographer is “probably making money off those pictures he took of you in the shower that you didn’t know about.”

McCarthy also shared her own hilarious story about the time she was told she needed character headshot photos. Check out the videos below to see Chris Pratt and Melissa McCarthy share their funny stories about their headshots, and tell us what you think.


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