Chris Pratt, Anna Faris NOT Living Together To Save Marriage, Despite Patti Stanger Comments

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Chris Pratt Anna Faris Patti Stanger

By Andrew Shuster |

Chris Pratt Anna Faris Patti Stanger

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“Million Dollar Matchmaker” host Patti Stanger suggested in a new interview with “Entertainment Tonight” that the reason Chris Pratt and Anna Faris are still living together after separating is because they’re trying to save their marriage. Reps for the estranged spouses, however, exclusively tell Gossip Cop that Stanger’s comments are “invalid.”

As Gossip Cop reported, Pratt and Faris announced their separation in a joint statement earlier this week, revealing they’re ending their eight-year marriage, but wish to keep the situation “as private as possible moving forward.” The exes insisted they still have the “deepest respect for one another” and will work hard to co-parent their young son. On Thursday, Stanger sat down for a Facebook Live interview with “ET” to discuss the separation.

“OK, so this is really hard because I’m close to them,” said the TV personality. “I’m upset about it. The day it happened I actually texted them. I don’t know what happened there. [Chris] is still living in the house. Let’s pray it turns around.” The professional matchmaker added, “I want them to get back together. So, I’m not fixing them up. I would be the counselor in between them and go, ‘What really is the issue here?'”

Despite Pratt and Faris releasing their joint separation statement on Instagram, Stanger went on to speculate the announcement was premature because both are “still living in the house, so someone threw out the curveball, maybe the publicist.” Stanger further theorized “there’s hope” for the ex-couple’s marriage since “[Chris] is still in the house,” adding, “If the person doesn’t leave the house, there’s a lot of hope there. That means they still love each other.” The reality star further contended that one of exes would have moved out if their marriage was over for good because “they’re not poor” and “could go get a condo” or “Airbnb it.”

Despite Stanger’s assertions, Gossip Cop is exclusively told the estranged spouses aren’t still living together in the hopes of working out their marriage. Reps for both the actor and actress tell Gossip Cop, “Patti Stanger is not an authorized spokesperson for either Anna Faris or Chris Pratt. Her comments to ‘ET’ are invalid.” Watch the TV personality’s interview below. Her comments about Pratt and Faris begin shortly after the 10-minute mark.

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