Chris Pine NOT Partying “Nonstop,” Despite Report

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Chris Pine partying

By Minyvonne Burke |

Chris Pine partying

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Chris Pine is NOT partying “nonstop,” and on the verge of ruining his reputation, despite a new report started in one of the tabloid’s this week. Gossip Cop can exclusively bust this rumor. We’re told by a source close to the actor that it’s not true.

According to OK!, Pine is out hitting the club every night and his constant partying has his team worried. “Chris is in high demand as a leading man, but there are real worries that his behavior could tarnish his reputation,” a supposed “source” tells the tabloid.

OK! further alleges that Pine’s March 2014 DUI in New Zealand didn’t help slow him down, but supposedly “bolstered a can’t touch me attitude.” The so-called “source” tells the tabloid, “He acts like he got away with it. His team is just hoping that he’ll finally meet a girl so he can settle down and stay out of trouble.”

It should be noted that Gossip Cop has busted OK! and its sister publication, Star, numerous times for fabricating stories about Pine. In January, Gossip Cop busted a rumor started by Star alleging that Pine was dating his Into the Woods co-star Anna Kendrick. Just as Star‘s story was completely not true, a source close to the actor tells Gossip Cop OK!‘s latest claim about Pine partying too much is all “made up.”

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Chris Pine is partying non-stop.


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