Chris Pine Talks “Wonder Woman” On ‘GMA’ (VIDEO)

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Chris Pine Wonder Woman Good Morning America

By Holly Nicol |

Chris Pine Wonder Woman Good Morning America


Chris Pine appeared on Thursday’s “Good Morning America,” where he spoke about the highly-anticipated Wonder Woman. Check out the interview below!

The actor sat down for a one-on-one interview with Michael Strahan on the morning show about the upcoming film adaptation of the classic comic book character. On starring in the first female action movie, Pine said, “To be on the beach with a whole gang of women doing their fantastic fight sequences, and to see all the men roll up with the strollers with their babies to watch the women work and kick ass, it was quite something.” He added, “The real theme of it is that women can do whatever they want to do.”

And on his lack of a social media presence, the actor shared, “I love [his fans] to death, but I’m prone to anxiety and I found my phone made me incredibly anxious. So I decided to sever the chord, now I have this flip phone and I don’t have wifi.” Strahan joked, “I do have friends with flip phones, but they’re in their 70s.” “Well, there you go man, my favorite people,” Pine said.

As Gossip Cop reported, the entire cast of Wonder Woman appeared on “Good Morning America” earlier this week to promote and tease the upcoming film. Gal Galdot, the star of the movie, spoke about the importance of female figures in film. “It was an honor to do this part,” she said, adding, “I’m all about strong female figures.” Watch Pine’s interview below!

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