Anna Kendrick and Chris Pine NOT Dating, Despite Report (EXCLUSIVE)

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Chris Pine Anna Kendrick Dating

By Michael Lewittes |

Chris Pine Anna Kendrick Dating

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Chris Pine and Anna Kendrick are not a “new couple,” despite a newly published report. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct this rumor, which began in the pages of Star.

According to the tabloid, Kendrick and Pine, who play the fairy tale couple of Cinderella and Prince Charming in Into The Woods, are “having a real-life romance!” The magazine says they have been “quietly dating since filming the musical on 2013.” Star even quotes some supposed “friends” of both Kendrick and Pine. An alleged Pine pal tells the tabloid, “He really enjoys her company… She’s incredibly sweet and hilariously goofy. She’s really turned his head.” But a Kendrick friend is concerned about the actress’ supposed boyfriend, saying, “Anna’s probably going to get hurt… There’s no denying, Chris is terrified of commitment.”

So, first we’re asked to believe that the two have been dating for more than a year, and only now their friends have decided to gush about it to, of all places, Star? And then we’re supposed to also believe that Kendrick’s alleged pal has more insight than the actress into whether or not Pine is “terrified of commitment.” Wait, wasn’t it Star that reported in 2013 that Pine was dating Zoe Kravitz? But now the magazine says he was dating Kendrick in 2013, as well?

Of course, the magazine was wrong about Kravitz back then and it is similarly wrong about Kendrick. They are not a couple nor have they been quietly dating for more than a year. They are co-stars in a movie that’s as much a fairy tale as this latest report from Star. Still, Gossip Cop investigated, and a source close to Pine tells us exclusively that the magazine’s dating claim is “100 percent not true.”


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