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Did “pushy” Gwyneth Paltrow try to plan, and even officiate, her ex-husband Chris Martin’s wedding to Dakota Johnson? One tabloid recently claimed the actress had driven her ex and his new girlfriend to consider eloping to keep Paltrow from involving herself in the ceremony. Gossip Cop investigated the matter and will happily sort fact from fiction.

"Pushy" Paltrow Planning Martin, Johnson Wedding?

According to Heat, Gwyneth Paltrow is insisting on planning Chris Martin and Dakota Johnson’s wedding, has “gone from ex-wife to wedding planner,” and that change has been driving the famously private couple insane. The outlet quotes insiders who claim “Gwen wants to prove just how happy she is to see her ex settle down with someone else,” but those “good intentions” have supposedly alienated Martin and Johnson, who are now “considering eloping.”

Chris Martin wearing a tasseled blue jacket at the 51st Annual GRAMMY Award

An alleged insider snitched, “Gwyneth offered to organize the whole thing for them, let them have it at her home, and call in a ton of favors to make it the perfect day,” but Johnson and Martin think it “could be really awkward” to have Paltrow to be so involved in the wedding planning.

They’re too scared to tell her it might be a good idea if she doesn’t come at all just like Chris didn’t attend her and Brad Falchuk’s wedding,

the so-called “insider” insists, which is why the two are considering alternative ways to tie the knot that don’t involve Paltrow. “They’ve been trying to work out a way to not have her involved and it seems the only logical solution is to slink off somewhere without her.”

Dakota Johnson wears a white, strapless dress during the 75th Venice Film Festival
(Andrea Raffin/

Not Taking "No" For An Answer

Despite the apparent hesitation from Martin and Johnson, Paltrow is supposedly determined to proceed full-steam ahead with her plans for their wedding. “Gwyneth won’t give up without a fight. Even if it means surprising them with a wedding party or a last-minute bridal shower for Dakota, she has vowed to be involved in their day,” the source concluded. It’s honestly surprising to Gossip Cop that this fact-less article somehow made it to print.

First of all, there’s the fact that there’s no evidence that Dakota Johnson and Chris Martin are engaged at all. The two are incredibly private about their relationship, which has been on-and-off since the two were first linked in 2017. Is there even a wedding for Gwyneth Paltrow to plan at all? Likely not, or at least there’s no proof to convince Gossip Cop that Johnson and Martin are planning to wed at all. Secondly, there have been tons of rumors over the years that Paltrow has been meddling in Martin and Johnson’s relationship, which we’ve proven over and over that this is not the case.

Gossip Cop encountered another tabloid that tried to push this same narrative a few weeks back. That outlet, New Idea, put a far more positive spin on the story, claiming it was Johnson’s idea to involve Paltrow in the wedding planning, but the premise was still entirely false. The last place we’ll hear anything about a Johnson/Martin wedding will definitely be in a tabloid like these.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop can’t say for sure, but this is most likely false, given the evidence.


Is Gwyneth Paltrow Planning, Even Assuming Bridesmaid Duty For Chris Martin, Dakota Johnson's Wedding? Here's What We Know