Chris Jones America’s Got Talent Audition Video: Hypnotist Makes Howie Mandel Shake Hands — WATCH HERE!

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Chris Jones Howie Mandel Americas Got Talent Audition Video

By Shari Weiss |

Chris Jones Howie Mandel Americas Got Talent Audition Video


A hypnotist named Chris Jones made Howie Mandel shake hands on Tuesday’s season 10 premiere of “America’s Got Talent.” Check out the video below!

While being convinced to touch another person may not seem like a big deal for the average individual, Mandel is known for having a massive phobia of germs, and has spent years avoiding contact with other people. In fact, he typically only greets friends and strangers alike with a fist bump. But that all changed when the 28-year-old Jones took the stage.

Before the Chicagoan’s process got underway, host Nick Cannon actually issued a “disclaimer,” telling audience members that they should leave if they did not want to risk getting hypnotized, too. And that wasn’t all. Much of it couldn’t be shown on television either, supposedly due to the same risk. But Jones ultimately had Mandel count back from 60, after which he followed commands to sleep and wake. The contestant went on to lie to the judge, saying he was wearing gloves when he really wasn’t, and Mandel actually took his hand.

The rest of the panel, obviously well aware of Mandel’s issues, was astonished, and even more so when they, too, got to shake hands with Mandel for probably the first time ever. When Mandel was eventually clued in to what happened, he exclaimed, “Are you f*cking kidding me?!” Jones apologized, saying he was “really sorry to trick your mind,” though he might also owe an apology to another audience member who actually seemed under the spell, too.

Howard Stern, who buzzed the dreaded red X early on in the act, ended up a believer, and apologized for pulling his trigger too early. “I could sit here all day with you. I’m so entertained,” he told Jones. Heidi Klum and Mel B thought it was all “incredible” and said they were “definite” yesses. Mandel, however, was still thoroughly perplexed, wanted to know why everyone was laughing at him, and felt he couldn’t even fairly vote. That prompted Stern to quip, “Once you see the playback, you’re going to kill him anyway.”

Klum even tweeted during the broadcast, “I feel like I just won the lottery… only the jackpot was a high five with @howiemandel! #germs #sweatypalms.” For his part, Mandel tweeted that it was all “real,” and it left him “upset.” He even wrote to one fan, “It’s not funny.”

Mandel further wrote on Twitter, “F**k you @1wordchrisjones! You made me shake hands!!! *hits life buzzer*” Check out the full video below! Do you believe Jones REALLY hypnotized Mandel?


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