Chris Hemsworth NOT In “Agony” Over Elsa Pataky’s “Steamy Kiss” With Co-Star, Despite Claim

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Chris Hemsworth Reaction Elsa Pataky Kiss Co-Star

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Chris Hemsworth Reaction Elsa Pataky Kiss Co-Star

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Chris Hemsworth is not in “agony” over Elsa Pataky sharing a “steamy kiss” with her co-star, despite an absurd claim. Gossip Cop can bust the story. A close examination of the article shows the tabloid responsible is merely guessing the actor’s reaction, instead of providing actual proof to support its narrative.

Pataky and Marco Pigossi were recently photographed kissing as they filmed their upcoming Netflix series, “Tidelands.” The smooch was done in-character, as they portray lovers, and took place as the production held a beach-set shoot. They were playing pretend, as all actors and actresses do when the cameras roll. But New Idea is contending the snapshots are “sure to send her hunky husband into a jealous frenzy.”

A so-called “onlooker” is quoted as calling Pataky and Pigossi’s chemistry “electric,” which should be considered a good thing since they were filming a romantic scene. But the outlet claims that, “judging by these pictures,” Pigossi will “surely have Chris a little worried about the steamy love scenes.” The outlet has no evidence whatsoever, though, that Hemsworth is in a “jealous frenzy,” or that he’s the least bit “worried” about Pataky and her colleague doing their jobs.

Yet on the front of the magazine’s cover, a teaser blares, “Elsa’s Steamy Kiss! Chris Left Fuming!” Still, the publication simply can’t substantiate its claim that Hemsworth has been “left fuming,” or that the “raunchy photos that have pushed him over the edge.” There’s also nothing to indicate Hemsworth is in “agony.” In fact, earlier this month Pataky shared on Instagram a photo from a “weekend getaway.” they happily took together.

What’s going on now is merely a role reversal that’s being greatly sensationalized. Pataky is playing a character that calls for her to get close to another man, just as Hemsworth has played characters that have called for him to be close to other women. By the tabloid’s logic, though, she should be “jealous,” “worried,” “fuming,” “over the edge,” and in “agony” over all the times he has had to kiss a co-star on camera. That’s generally not the way it works in show business.

And, as noted above, New Idea has no proof to support its warped interpretation. Showing that it actually has no idea what is or isn’t going on, the magazine guesses how Hemsworth may feel about the photos of Pataky and Pigossi kissing, rather than reporting his real reaction or even putting the pictures into proper context. This amounts to nothing but fake news.


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