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Chris Evans is vying for a chance to play the sadistic dentist in Little Shop Of Horrors, which might surprise some casual fans of the Captain America star. The dapper actor has always had a deep love of musical theater, though, which explains why he's so interested in being cast in the cult classic's remake. Evans has confessed that there's even a "mortifying" series of videos of him and his siblings showing off their musical chops for relatives.

Chris Evans' "Mortifying" Christmas Performances

Musical theater is really Evans' jam. Even as a young kid, he gravitated towards the theatrical. Not only did young Evans go to acting camp, he was cast as Randolph MacAfee in a production of Bye Bye Birdie. Despite his obvious interest in all things theater, Evans' dad still hoped his son would have some affinity for his own passtime.

"My dad was a big athlete," Evans told The Hollywood Reporter. The Avengers: Endgame actor wrestled and played lacrosse, but it was clear his heart just wasn't in it. "You want to please [your dad], and he was so happy when I played, but I was just terrible," he admitted.

Evans' true love of musicals was on full display during Christmas visits from relatives. He and his three siblings would put on musicals for the family, of which there are still videos, Evans confessed. "[Expletive] Von Trapps, man," Evans said, laughing at his own description of his and his siblings' antics. "I'm like 12, 13. I'm not, like, 6. I'm old enough to know better. We all thought it was so normal to be singing in front of my cousins and aunts and uncles at Christmas. Mortifying."

Evans said he was thankful his acting career worked out, otherwise he'd "just be this forever dork," before cheekily adding, "I probably still am." Be that as it may, those "mortifying" performances were a hint of what was to come for the actor.

He's dying for the chance at a musical

To this day, Chris Evans has a deep and abiding love for musicals, telling the outlet, "I want to do a musical so badly, man." As soon as he heard that there was a remake of Little Shop of Horrors in the works, Evans immediately started advocating for himself. "...I was like, 'Oh, can I be down? Please? Can I be the dentist?'"

This isn't the first musical that Evans tried to get himself cast in. Likewise when he heard Steven Spielberg was considering doing West Side Story, one of Evans' favorite musicals, he leapt at the chance to get in on the opportunity. Since he'd already performed in the play while in high school, Evans was eager to reprise his role. His team had to talk him down, though. Even for a superstar like Evans, there are still roles that are out of reach.

"...They were like, Chris — maybe Krupke. You can't. You're too old. It's so hard to hear," he lamented. While he might not get the chance to play a Jet, there are plenty of other opportunities for him to break into the musical scene. It wouldn't upset us one bit to see the handsome actor play Officer Krupke, and that might just be the chance he's looking for.


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