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Chris Evans is probably best known for his portrayal of Captain America in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The actor originally signed on to play America's Avenger in 2011 and has since appeared in 11 Marvel films. Evans has starred in various other films, including Fantastic Four and Sunshine. What may come as a surprise, however, is that these action-packed films might not be at the top of his favorite projects list. The actor may have had more fun appearing in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World starred Michael Cera as the titular character who falls for the mysterious Ramona Flowers and must battle her evil seven exes. Evans played Lucas Lee, one of the evil exes and a Hollywood actor/professional skateboarder. Though his role in the film was short, the actor has shared that it was his favorite movie he'd done at that point.

Chris Evans loves his comic-based films

The film, based on a series of graphic novels, had the actor playing one of Scott Pilgrim's scariest foes. Evans described his character in the action-comedy as both a "horrible actor" and a "douchebag." The actor shared his surprise at how people reacted when he got the role of Lee.

"I was like, 'So I got this role as an asshole actor, and you guys think I nailed it? That I'm a natural and that nobody in town can do it better?'" the actor joked in an interview with GQ. Despite this, Evans said that he enjoyed working on the film and working alongside Cera. "It's really funny. And I love Michael Cera. I really do. I like that kid," Evans continued.

In another interview, Evans recalled his experience on set as being "awesome" and gushed about the project. When asked how he felt about shooting the movie, the actor was happy to share. "It was fantastic, man," he said. "You always say this, and I want to say it's the most fun I've ever had on a movie, but it's probably that's it's the most recent movie and it feels like it was the most fun."

Parting is such sweet sorrow

Perhaps one of the biggest factors of Chris Evans' happiness on the set was the film's director, Edgar Wright. The actor was even heartbroken that he had to leave once the production was wrapped. Since it was a relatively minor role, he was only on the set for three weeks out of its five-month shoot. The actor shared that working with Wright was a unique experience.

"He knows exactly what he wants. He knows exactly what he needs," Evans told Collider. "You could do one take and he can come up and say, 'Look I got what I needed. If you want another one you can have it but I'm good.' And you just trust him. I've never felt so secure with a director."

The movie was released in August 2010 and also starred Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Anna Kendrick, and Kieran Culkin. Even though it received positive reviews and later developed a cult following, it was a box-office bomb. Evans was genuinely surprised by the film's lackluster initial run. "I can't believe more people didn't see it, what the [expletive]? It was such a good movie. The first time I saw it I was like, 'This is my favorite movie,'" Evans said in an interview with ComingSoon.


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