Chris Evans, Octavia Spencer, Mckenna Grace Talk “Gifted” On “GMA” (VIDEO)

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Chris Evans Octavia Spencer GMA The Gifted

By Holly Nicol |

Chris Evans Octavia Spencer GMA The Gifted


Chris Evans, Octavia Spencer and Mckenna Grace appeared on Thursday’s “Good Morning America,” where they spoke about their new movie, Gifted. Watch the full “GMA” interview below!

Evans, Spencer and Grace spoke with Michael Strahan during a live segment on the morning show about their upcoming film, which follows a single man trying to raise his extremely gifted niece. On Grace’s performance, Evans gushed, “All credit is due to Mckenna. We auditioned a bunch of people, but Mckenna came in and had that perfect balance of being a child and having that wild, unpredictable nature, but also knew when it was time to be professional.”

The young actress then spoke about how difficult it was to film intense and emotional scenes, particularly when she had to hit Evans. “They made me! It was not my choice, I didn’t want to hit him,” Grace admitted. “I guess that helped me cry. It may have looked like I did it only a little bit in the movie, but we did it over and over and over.”

Strahan went on to point out that Spencer was tested for the gifted programme as a young child. “I was tested for the gifted programme, I failed. But I was tested,” the actress joked. “I’m also dyslexic, which is a conundrum. So people should know, with dyslexic kids, it’s not that they can’t learn, it’s that they learn differently.” Watch the full interview below!

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