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There's no one else we can think of that was more perfect to play Captain America than Chris Evans. Evans is Captain America, even though his time playing the character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe has ended. But at one point, there could have been someone else wielding the shield. Evans at one point turned down the role, but what was the reason why?

Chris Evans almost didn't join the Marvel family

Prior to becoming America's hero, Chris Evans was best known for his roles in Not Another Teen Movie, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, and Fantastic Four. In 2011, the actor first appeared as the fan-favorite hero in Captain America: The First Avenger. But before he took the role, the actor wasn't in the best place in his life or career. Evans was stressed with the other roles he had taken and suffered from panic attacks and meltdowns. The actor was so discouraged with the way his career was going that he was going to step away from acting all together.

But then, Marvel called with a once-in-a lifetime opportunity. The company offered Chris Evans the role of Captain America with a nine-movie contract and no audition required. At first, Evans rejected the offer. Of course, his friends told him that he was "crazy" for not taking the deal. Eventually, the actor listened to his friends and reconsidered after seeing the contract was a "sign from the universe".

"I got the job in a weird way from saying no. Just like other things in life, when you say no, they just pursue you," the actor told Men's Journal.

The actor took the deal and played the masked crusader up until 2019. Chris Evans learned a lot from playing the symbol of justice. "When you're playing a character for a long time, you start to see the parallels between what the character's going through and what you're going through," Evans explained. "You start to look at your own conflicts and circumstances through the eyes of someone who might handle it better than you would."

Life After Captain America

After Avengers: Endgame, which concluded Captain America's storyline, Chris Evans has gone on to showcase his talents in other films. The actor starred in the mystery-thriller Knives Out and will be starring in the Apple+ show Defending Jacob. The series will see Evans playing a man defending his son after he's accused of murder. He'll also be serving as an executive producer for the show. It seems that Chris Evans is stepping out from behind the shield and exploring new territory, and we can't wait to see what the actor will do next!


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