Chris Evans’ Mom Hates It When People Call Him Short

Chris Evans in a navy suit standing with his mom, Lisa, in a white floral print top on the red carpet.

By Brianna Morton |

Chris Evans in a navy suit standing with his mom, Lisa, in a white floral print top on the red carpet.

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Chris Evans’ mom, Lisa, has one pet peeve when it comes to the way people describe the Scott Pilgrim Vs The World actor. She can’t stand it when people call him short. At six feet even, he’s by no means a small man. In fact, some may even describe him as beefy, but people on the internet sometimes beg to differ.

Lisa Evans has a bad habit of reading through Internet message boards to see what people are saying about her son. When GQ profiled the Captain America actor, Lisa spoke with the reporter about the comments she’d found. “Somebody wrote on IMDb that he looked short!” This was clearly an outrageous offense to Lisa, who immediately went on the defensive to protect her boy. “I was like, ‘He was standing next to [Thor star] Chris Hemsworth—of course he looked short! Shaquille O’Neal would look short!’”

Chris Evans’ Mom Has His Back

Though her son is now a 38-year-old movie star, Lisa still goes into protective mama bear-mode when she feels like people are being unfair to Chris. “Sometimes I get worked up, because I don’t want anybody to say anything bad about my child, so I’ll call him and say, ‘Somebody said you look short!’ and he’ll say, ‘Mom, you’ve gotta stop that, you’ve gotta stop.’ So I’ve pretty much stopped.” When told about the comments his mom had made, Chris laughed and said, “She hasn’t stopped [expletive]!” Even though her boy’s all grown up, motherly instincts are hard to overcome.

Because of his good looks and charm, tabloids have a tendency to pair Chris up with whichever lady is closest. Knowing that, it was inevitable that NW would report that Chris and Black Panther actor Michael B. Jordan were competing to date Captain Marvel star Brie Larson. Apparently, the two Marvel actors took notice of Larson’s rising star and are “jumping at the chance to take Brie on a date,” according to an unnamed source. Gossip Cop looked into the claim and determined it was false. We reached out to Larson’s rep, who was authorized to speak on the actress’ behalf, who assured us neither Chris or Jordan were romantically pursuing her.

It’s not just Chris’ costars that get the tabloid treatment. Margaret Qualley reportedly wanted to date Chris, according to the National Enquirer. A supposed source who spoke to the outlet claims Qualley was spotted at a Golden Globes afterparty “giggling” and acting “very flirty” with Chris. Gossip Cop thought there was something off about this story, so we investigated. There are usually multiple Golden Globe afterparties, but the suspicious source played coy with the details. If the story were real, the publication would have supplied details about which party it was and it didn’t. We reached out to Qualley’s rep, who confirmed with us that there’s “zero” truth to the story.