Chris Evans And Kumail Nanjiani View Working Out In Radically Different Ways

Kumail Nanjiani wearing a reddish-orange shirt and salmon colored pants on the red carpet. Chris Evans in a dark sweater on the red carpet

By Brianna Morton |

Kumail Nanjiani wearing a reddish-orange shirt and salmon colored pants on the red carpet. Chris Evans in a dark sweater on the red carpet

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Though they both play superheroes in the Marvel Universe, there’s a huge difference between the way Chris Evans and Kumail Nanjiani view working out. The two Marvel actors underwent stunning transformations to play their superpowered characters, but that’s where the similarities between the Captain America star and the Eternals star end. Their views on workouts couldn’t be more different.

Kumail Nanjiani can’t get enough

For his part, Kumail Nanjiani totally embraced his new fitness lifestyle. He confessed to Men’s Health that he’s “kind of obsessed with it.” The Silicon Valley actor had an intense workout regime in order to ready himself for his role as Kingo, a cosmically powered being who becomes a Bollywood actor in an attempt to blend in on Earth.

Though he’d worked out before — 20 minutes a day on a stationary bike — his new workout was as extreme as his transformation. That doesn’t bother Nanjiani, though. “When I’m exercising, I’m not thinking about anything else,” he said. “It’s like meditation.”

In fact, Kumail Nanjiani’s dedication to getting ripped alarmed his friends so much, they “practically staged an intervention” to get him away from the gym. “Several of my friends have said, ‘There’s nothing funny about a guy who works out all the time,’” Nanjiani told the outlet. At one point, Nanjiani’s personal trainer, former Mr. Canada Grant Roberts, had to convince the Eternals actor to eat more carbs on his cheat day. Now that’s dedication.

Chris Evans plays coy

On the other side of the spectrum is Chris Evans. Although he underwent an equally jaw dropping transformation to play Captain America, Evans is a lot more coy when it comes to revealing his own workout regiment. In an interview with Men’s Journal, Evans opened up, just a little, about what his own process was like when it came to bulking up for the role. “I went to the gym and I lifted heavy stuff and I put it back down,” he cheekily explained. “And then I lifted it again and then I put it back down until I got tired.” Very informative stuff there.

They might have both shocked the world with their beefed up bods, but Chris Evans and Kumail Nanjiani couldn’t be more different with how they view their workouts. Even in an interview with a men’s fitness magazine, Evans couldn’t be bothered to go into detail about his diet or workout routine. Nanjiani, on the other hand, went far into specifics, even going deep into detail about when he has cheat days and his favorite meals to pig out on. Just goes to show, one man’s pleasure is another man’s business.