Chris Evans Answers Questions From Kids Dressed As Captain America (VIDEO)

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Chris Evans Kids Captain America

By Andrew Shuster |

Chris Evans Kids Captain America


Chris Evans answered questions from kids dressed in Captain America costumes on Thursday’s “Good Morning America.” Watch the video below!

Evans, of course, stars as Steve Rogers, a.k.a. Captain America, in the upcoming superhero sequel Captain America: Civil War, which sees his character facing off against fellow Avenger Tony Stark, a.k.a. Iron Man, (Robert Downey Jr.). Regarding the showdown, a little girl asked, “My dad is on Team Iron Man, I’m on Team Cap. What do you think I can do to make him Team Cap?”

Evans responded, “Is he a big man?” and when the young girl confirmed her father was, the actor said, “Because I would say I’ll arm wrestle him and we’ll squash it once and for all. But if he’s like six-foot plus, maybe we’ll just talk it out.” Next, a young boy inquired, “Who taught Steve Rogers how to be a good person and how to be a leader?”

“Part of it is that it was intrinsically always in him,” Evans noted. “That’s part of the reason he was chosen to have the super soldier serum experiment done, since his nature is to be a good man and a leader.” The star also went on to say that the character’s friend Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan) also “plays a big role in that.”

And finally, another young boy decided to ask a personal question in lieu of one about the new Marvel movie. “Did you always know you were going to be an actor?” the child wondered. Evans admitted, “No, I don’t know that I did. I don’t think I really knew I wanted to be an actor until I was maybe 16 or 17.”

He added, “I did plays growing up, but I really didn’t find that conviction until a little bit later.” Watch Evans’ full “GMA” interview below!


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