Chris Brown Teases Zayn Malik Collaboration — LISTEN AND WATCH!

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Chris Brown Zayn Malik Collaboration Teaser

By Shari Weiss |

Chris Brown Zayn Malik Collaboration Teaser

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Chris Brown is teasing a collaboration with Zayn Malik and more stars. Watch and listen below!

On Friday morning, Brown posted a short Instagram video of himself bopping along to a new track in the recording studio. In the caption he wrote, “#TURBS the ultimate R&B song @howuseeit @zayn round 1!! @miguel @augustalsina @brysontiller round 2! round 3 @tyrese @therealtank.”

It’s unclear if there will be three version of the song, or perhaps the “rounds” refer to different sections of it. Brown didn’t mention a release date. No matter, Malik’s fans are already ecstatic.

Several are pointing out a tweet the former One Direction member sent in 2011, which read, “Chris Brown is a massive inspiration and influence in my life.” Now that the two are working together, @aextheticzjm tweeted, “Look how dreams are really possible, so proud of you @zaynmalik.” @immortxlarry was particularly enthusiastic, exclaiming, “OKAY BUT ZAYN AND CHRIS BROWN I AM DEAD BUT SO ALIVE OH MY GOD OH MY GOD.”

And ‏@lovesicknixll stated, “zayn and chris brown are collaborating the gods have blessed me.” But not everyone was so thrilled. “Zayn and chris? Drake is better,” wrote @laurentsangel, while @heyAnzel said, “But I want Zayn And Liam Payne.”

The collaboration news comes just hours after Malik hit back at accusations he stole the concept for his Mind Of Mine album cover art from Lil Wayne. As Gossip Cop reported, the British singer tweeted on Thursday night, “I’m not tryna be no rapper, my album is me a child. My ideas have been with me a long time. Use your brain, appreciate art don’t discriminate what you don’t understand.”

As of now, he has not mentioned working with Brown. Check out the teaser below.

#TURBS the ultimate R&B song @howuseeit @zayn round 1!! @miguel @augustalsina @brysontiller round 2!round 3 @tyrese @therealtank

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