Chris Brown: I’m Suing Liziane Gutierrez For “Lying” About Being Punched

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Chris Brown Suing Liziane Gutierrez

By Michael Lewittes |

Chris Brown Suing Liziane Gutierrez

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Chris Brown is fighting back at the accusation that he punched a woman named Liziane Gutierrez at his New Year’s Eve party at the Palm Casino Resort in Las Vegas, and is vowing to sue her for “lying.” As Gossip Cop reported, Gutierrez claimed she secretly took a photo of Brown, which angered him so much that he allegedly struck her in the eye.

On Saturday night, Brown’s rep issued a statement to Gossip Cop categorically denying the singer’s involvement and called the claim that he hit Gutierrez “unequivocally untrue” and a “complete fabrication.” The spokeswoman further told us the woman was booted from the party for being “disruptive” and had such a “total meltdown,” which was all caught on surveillance cameras, that security had to “escort her out of the hotel.”

For her part, following the alleged incident, Gutierrez called the police. And as a result, Brown is now the subject of a misdemeanor battery investigation. Despite claiming the singer punched her and a photo circling in the media of Gutierrez with a bruised eye, she never went to the hospital.

But Brown is now fighting back. Early Sunday, Brown posted a message on Instagram that read in the new year he’s “keeping my circle small” and no long taking “care of grown ass men,” but also going to sue whoever lies about him. Brown wrote, “I’m going to be hella rich after all the lawsuits I file from these crazy individuals who keep lying on my name. Happy NEW YEAR!”


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