Chris Brown Sued For Allegedly Beating Up Manager

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Chris Brown Sued Beat Manager

By Shari Weiss |

Chris Brown Sued Beat Manager

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Chris Brown is being sued. His longtime manager claims the singer beat him up, and has now filed a lawsuit against him.

Mike G. (full name: Michael Guirguis) was hired as Brown’s manager in 2012, and worked with him over the last four years through Nitevision Management. But he claims Brown pummeled him out of nowhere during a violent altercation last month. Mike alleges the attack was unprovoked, and that the performer was possibly fueled by drugs.

Mike claims his injuries were serious enough for emergency room treatment, and further alleges Brown added insult to injury by mocking him on social media following the beat-down. He also claims the star actually took responsibility for the fight by warning those working on his “One Hell Of A Nite Tour” that they would get beaten like Mike if they crossed him. Now the manager says he worries about “gang” retaliation.”

His suit accuses Brown of not just battery and assault, but also false imprisonment, breach of contract, and intentional infliction of emotional distress. It’s not clear what he’s seeking in damages. All that said, Gossip Cop can confirm Brown and Mike were still working together as recently as earlier this month.

We also learned around that time that the musician and his publicist had parted ways. As of now, Mike is still listed as the contact person on Brown’s official website. Gossip Cop has reached out for comment, and will have updates. UPDATE: Brown posted an Instagram video (since deleted), in which he accused Mike of stealing money from him. The manager’s attorney says the claim is false, and they will now add a defamation complaint to the lawsuit.


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