Chris Brown Is NOT Threatening To Sue Oprah Over Karrueche Tran Interview

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Chris Brown Suing Oprah

By Daniel Gates |

Chris Brown Suing Oprah

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Chris Brown has NOT sent a cease and desist letter to Oprah and her OWN network, despite a new MediaTakeOut report claiming Brown is “fighting back” against what the site describes as a “slander piece” planned by his ex-girlfriend Karrueche Tran and OWN interviewer Iyanla Vanzant. Gossip Cop can bust the story, which purports that Brown is threatening to “sue the sh*t” out of Oprah.

According to the webloid, Brown is warning Oprah to back off. MTO alleges, “We spoke to a member of Chris Brown’s team who told us that yesterday Chris Brown’s ATTORNEY fired off a CEASE AND DESIST letter to Oprah Winfrey and her OWN channel. The letter basically says that they can NOT slander his name, or try and USE HIS NAME OR LIKENESS in their show, without his CONSENT.”

As Gossip Cop previously reported, Tran and Vanzant recently sat down for an interview, during which Vanzant upset Tran with a line of questioning about her relationship with Brown. MTO apparently saw that there was tension around the OWN sit-down and decided to create even more controversy. The site says, “We’re told that Chris spoke to his advisors and realizes that there is a BIG SLANDER CAMPAIGN being lodged against him. Instead of handling the way he USUALLY DOES SO – by BLACKING OUT on Instagram… he’s going to handle everything PROPERLY and LEGALLY.”

The webloid’s source claims the alleged cease and desist letter was “not [an empty threat] at all, we will sue the F*CK outta Oprah, OWN or whoever, if they slander Chris or use his name.” MTO sounds giddy over the prospect of a Brown-Oprah clash: “OOOOH it’s about to go DOWN!!!”

Except… none of this is true. Brown’s team never sent Oprah a cease and desist letter. Brown is not threatening a lawsuit against her or her network or anyone else. It’s all bogus. A rep for Brown tells Gossip Cop exclusively, “This is not true. They have not sent a letter nor do they plan to do so.” In other words, MediaTakeOut made up the whole thing, which is kind of unsurprising, given MediaTakeOut’s track record of “reporting” on Brown and Tran.


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