Chris Brown Stepped On Fan’s Head, But Denies Assault (VIDEO)

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Chris Brown Stepped Fan Head Video

By Shari Weiss |

Chris Brown Stepped Fan Head Video


Chris Brown stepped on a fan’s head during a dispute at a concert, and it was all caught on camera. Still, the singer is denying the allegation, and claiming HE was the one assaulted. Watch below.

Brown was performing in Cannes last month when the incident went down. At a show hosted on May 18, a fight reportedly broke out right in front of the stage. In the footage, Brown is seen angrily stepping down… right on to the head of concertgoer Malek Mokrani.

Mokrani was hospitalized afterward, and claims he suffered injuries to his head and neck. And though weeks have gone by, he now tells TMZ that he intends to file a police report against Brown. But the singer is hitting back at the accusation.

In an Instagram video posted on Saturday morning, just after Mokrani’s claims surfaced, Brown says, “Let me address this sh*t real fast. Hey TMZ, f*ck ya.” He goes on to declare, “No fans were hurt by Chris Brown. No fans were beat up by Chris Brown.” Rather, the performer says he scuffled with a security guard.

“He assaulted me, grabbed his hand around my throat, and tried to push me out the spot when we were walking,” alleges Brown. “So we handled the situation accordingly, and moved on.” He adds, “This has to be a month old. So you gotta get your news faster and stop lying to people saying we beat up fans. I don’t do that.”

Brown captioned the post, “PSA.” It’s unclear if Mokrani was caught in the middle of the altercation, or the singer thinks he was the security guard. Curiously, the rapper has since removed the Instagram video.

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