Chris Brown: Sizzurp Addiction Story Is “Bogus”

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Chris Brown Sizzurp

By Michael Lewittes |

Chris Brown Sizzurp

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Chris Brown says a story that claims he “addicted to sizzurp,” which is slang for a cocktail of codeine cough syrup mixed with soda, is “bogus.” According to a new report, the singer is allegedly so hooked on sizzurp, also known as “lean,” that his family and friends are very “worried.”

Brown, however, says the claim made by TMZ is “bull[expletive],” and his people even told them so. Still, the webloid says its “evidence” is a recent photo of Brown at a pumpkin patch with his daughter Royalty and some friends in which a double-stacked red cup can be seen near him. Though Gossip Cop tends to use red Silo cups for Diet Sprite, apparently that and Brown having tested positive once for codeine, for which he has a prescription, was enough for the outlet to sound alarms that he may be “addicted.”

The webloid also notes that Brown had a doubled-stacked styrofoam cup while he and Royalty attended Tyga’s birthday party for his 3-year-old son Cairo. Oddly, TMZ is essentially picking up the claim from the much less reliable MediaTakeOut, whose sizzurp allegation Gossip Cop debunked last month.

At the time, Brown’s rep exclusively told Gossip Cop the sizzurp claims were “absurd and slanderous,” adding, “To make the leap from Chris drinking from a cup at a party to Chris doing drugs in front of his daughter is… preposterous.”

Gossip Cop is not going to dispute that drinking from double-stacked cups is odd, but it also is not definitive “evidence” of a sizzurp addiction. We suspect one could just as easily also drink lean from a single cup.

Regardless, those around Brown are not “worried he’ll lose custody” of Royalty because of his double-stacked cup habit. Having been alerted beforehand by his publicist that TMZ was going to run its sizzurp addiction story, Brown tweeted that it was a “bull[expletive]” story. He further touted on Twitter, “I got a great album coming, having a great time being a father, and also staying out the way!”


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