ABSURD CLAIM: Chris Brown’s Sex With Karrueche Tran “Keeping Him Out Of Jail”

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Chris Brown Sex

By Daniel Gates |

Chris Brown Sex


It’s time to check in on HollywoodLife’s coverage of Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran! As you’ll recall, the webloid recently made up a series of stories about how the on-and-off couple was planning to get married before Brown’s upcoming March court date. Those stories were made up, like a lot of what HollywoodLife publishes. Now comes this doozy of a HollywoodLife headline, “Chris Brown: Making Love To Karrueche Tran Is Keeping Him Out Of Jail.”

Um, how does that supposedly work? “It turns out that Ms. Tran knows how to put the singer in a trance in the bedroom while making love,” explains the site. An alleged “source” tells the outlet, “When Chris gets the urge to go out and party, he reminds himself of what life was like when he was in solitary confinement. He remembered what it was like not being able to make love to Karrueche.” HollywoodLife adds, “Indeed, it’s Karrueche’s touch that is keeping the rapper on his toes!”

So… Chris Brown is going to avoid jail time because he’s not going out to party because he likes having sex with Tran too much? And how does HollywoodLife supposedly know this? Because, we kid you not, the webloid noticed how the couple’s chemistry was “crystal clear” in the new “Autumn Leaves” music video. That’s actually what HollywoodLife says. Oh, and the source who’s apparently hiding in a closet and watching the couple have sex.

Of course, none of this seems to explain why Brown would, for instance, be out partying earlier this month at a club in San Jose where five people were shot. Was his love of sex with Tran not strong enough to keep him from partying that night? Even though he already knew all about how rough solitary confinement can be? This article is just another example of HollywoodLife’s strategy of pumping out as many stories as possible about a small group of celebrities (including Brown) in order to trick search engines into believing the site has actual “original” content. The idea that sex with Tran is “keeping Brown out of jail” is as absurd as it sounds. Don’t pay attention to stuff like it.


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