Chris Brown: Royalty Has Taught Me “Patience” (VIDEO)

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Chris Brown Ryan Seacrest daughter

By Michael Lewittes |

Chris Brown Ryan Seacrest daughter


Chris Brown says being a father to 1-year-old daughter Royalty has taught him “patience.” The singer discussed how fatherhood has changed him during an interview on Friday’s “On Air With Ryan Seacrest.” Watch the video below!

Brown, who shares joint custody of Royalty with Nia Guzman, insisted to Seacrest that he’s a fully hands-on parent when his daughter is with him. He also admitted he loves spoiling her with “dope little animal suits,” and that watching her grow up has given him perspective.

“It’s very calming. I was very rambunctious and very hyper as a kid, but now seeing that 10 times over in my daughter is mellowing me out,” Brown told the radio host. “With me, I always want stuff done… but being able to be a father and seeing my daughter in her gradual stages, from crawling to walking to saying her words now and learning different things everyday, is just teaching me patience.”

Brown even named his latest album after his daughter, which also features the little girl on the cover. But while he has taken Royalty to certain music industry events, he said he’s making it a priority to try and separate his professional life from his family life.

“That’s the part that’s hard,” Brown acknowledged. “You get the chance to be an artist all the time, but when it’s time to be a dad and be a father, sometimes the industry can get in the way out of it. But I’m trying to be proactive to make sure she has the right outlets and that I’m always having one-on-one time with her.”

Check out the video below of Chris Brown’s interview with Ryan Seacrest, and tell Gossip Cop what you think.


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