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Chris Brown allegedly punched a photographer at a night club on Monday. Now the singer could end up facing an assault charge. See video below.

Brown was in Florida this weekend for his "Party Tour," performing a show Sunday night at Amalie Arena. Following the concert, he went to an official after-party at Aja Channelside, a club just blocks from the venue. Brown arrived after 1 a.m. for the paid appearance, joined by an entourage.

Aja Channelside has its own in-house photographer, but Brown's camp reportedly objected to pictures being taken. Management obliged the no-photo request with the singer, but still took shots of patrons. At one point, however, Brown allegedly became enraged when he saw the photographer taking pics from behind the DJ booth, where the singer was located.

The club's owner and the photographer maintain only pictures of the crowd were being taken, but Brown allegedly attacked the photographer, striking him in the face. It's unclear how the altercation was broken up, and Brown hasn't indicated on social media that anything went down. But by the time police showed up, he had left, according to TMZ.

Brown, of course, infamously pleaded guilty to felony assault in 2009, after attacking his then-girlfriend, Rihanna. In the years since, he's been accused of a number of other brawls, including punching a man on the streets of Washington, D.C. in 2013. The two cases led Brown to spend time in both rehab and jail. More recently, last June Brown was sued after allegedly beating up his now-former manager, Mike G. Then in August, Brown was arrested following a police standoff after a woman accused him of threatening her with a gun. Both cases are still pending.

In this latest situation, video has emerged showing that a fight did go down at Aja Channelside. And while Brown is seen on camera (in red), it's unclear from the footage who actually threw the punches. Still, the photographer, who is seeking medical treatment, intends to press charges. Check out the video below.

UPDATE: While police confirm Brown is being investigated for battery, Aja Channelside says in a statement, "Incidents like the ones caused by Chris Brown and his team are very sad to see. As everyone witnessed he showed up to the club at around 1:30am. After only a few minutes of being there, Chris Brown himself and his team assaulted our club photographer and proceeded to walk out of the venue. AJA Channelside and our employees apologize for the inconvenience. Assault charges were pressed and we are dealing with the proper authorities accordingly." NOTE: The video is no longer available.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop believes this story to be true, but we don’t have enough information to confirm.


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