Chris Brown NOT Getting Parenting Advice From Diddy, Despite Report

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Chris Brown Diddy Parenting Advice

By Michael Lewittes |

Chris Brown Diddy Parenting Advice

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Chris Brown is NOT secretly getting parenting advice from Diddy, despite a fabricated report by a site that tries to generate traffic with phony exclusives. Gossip Cop can correct this story, which we’re told is 100 percent “made up.”

HollywoodLife, otherwise known as journalism’s Pinocchio, even went so far as to manufacture fake quotes, including, “Diddy has been there for Chris right from the beginning giving him advice, parenting advice,” adding, “He’s been telling Chris how being a father is the best role he will ever play and more fulfilling than anything else he will ever do.”

Wow, the parenting advice must be so secret, because apparently not even Diddy knows about it. A source close to Diddy tells Gossip Cop exclusively that the webloid’s piece is “not true” and entirely “made up.”

Here’s what really happened: News broke that Brown had a daughter, so HollywoodLife scrambled to come of with a unique angle, settling on a wholly untrue story about how Diddy is his parenting advisor, all while hoping equally gullible sites would credit and link to them. But it’s all a lie, much like the webloid’s reports that Gossip Cop busted a few months ago about his ex-girlfriend Karrueche Tran supposedly being pregnant with his baby or that they were going to quickly wed.

Those stories were not true, and the site’s latest fiction about Brown and Diddy is similarly not true. There’s a reason HollywoodLife has earned the nickname “HollywoodLies.”


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