Chris Brown And Karrueche Tran Sex Story MADE UP

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Chris Brown Sex Karrueche Tran

By Daniel Gates |

Chris Brown Sex Karrueche Tran


HollywoodLife is pretending to have a source who apparently watched Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran have sex at his house on New Year’s Eve. That’s the only conclusion we can draw based on the outlet’s latest fabricated story about the on-and-off couple.

The webloid claims to have an “exclusive” scoop about the “private way” Brown and Tran “celebrated their New Year’s love.” According to HollywoodLife’s source, after Brown and Tran partied with friends and kissed at Supperclub in Los Angeles, they had a “night of hot sex.”

Here’s what the “source” tells HollywoodLife: “It got more romantic afterwards because you already know he and Kae brought in the New Year right when they got back to the crib. It was on and crackin’ at that point.” Ah, yes. Good use of slang. That’s a very natural-sounding quote that we’re sure wasn’t at all made up by HollywoodLife (cough).

Are we missing something? Brown and Tran had a “private” night of sex at his house… but HollywoodLife somehow has a “source” who knows all about it? Is this the same “source” who told the outlet that Tran was pregnant back in November? Because that was 100 percent false. So was the HollywoodLife rumor claiming Brown and Rihanna were engaged in 2013. Why should we believe this “source” now?

Especially when the site’s paint-by-numbers, no-thoughts-given story ends with this HILARIOUSLY misplaced question: “HollywoodLifers, do you think Karrueche and Chris will break up again?” Gee, we don’t know. Maybe the “source” who just claimed to know about Brown and Tran’s night of “hot sex” has some idea?

Brown and Tran have a very long, very convoluted history. They did indeed welcome the New Year together amid rumors that they could be taking their relationship to the next level. But any historically unreliable outlet that claims to have an “exclusive” look inside their sex life is full of it. Nice try, HollywoodLife.


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