Chris Brown Home Targeted By Armed Robbers, Aunt Held At Gunpoint

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Chris Brown home invasion

By Michael Lewittes |

Chris Brown home invasion

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Chris Brown’s San Fernando Valley home was the target of an armed invasion early Wednesday morning, Gossip Cop has learned. Three robbers somehow made their way into his house and forced his aunt at gunpoint into a closet while they ransacked the property. Brown was not in his house when the robbery occurred at around 2 a.m. PT. After the burglars fled, Brown’s aunt called the police, who came to the home and found that money and a number of valuable possessions were stolen.

Brown has had a problem with home security. Just two months ago, as Gossip Cop reported, a home intruder by the name of Amira Ayeb, was found naked in his house. She had left his home in disarray, with food and dishes strewn around the property. Ayeb also defaced the singer’s Rolls Royce and Range Rover with the words “MRS. BROWN.” Ayeb was later charged with three felonies, including vandalism, burglary, and stalking.

At the time, Brown expressed sympathy for his home intruder, saying, “I pray she gets the help she needs.” He also noted then he would take steps to beef up his home security so that invasions like hers would not happen again. It’s unlikely in this instance, where valuables were stolen and his aunt was held at gunpoint, that Brown will be as forgiving.

Gossip Cop will continue to gather more information on the latest home invasion.


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