Chris Brown Head Tattoo Of Venus De Milo Gets Cut Down By Fans – VIDEO + PHOTO

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Chris Brown Head Tattoo

By Michael Lewittes |

Chris Brown Head Tattoo

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Chris Brown got a head tattoo late on Monday night, and after sharing it on Instagram along with a caption that read, “#onehellofanight #legendarynights #OHB do what you want,” the singer got barraged with negative remarks and quickly removed the post. Gossip Cop not only has a picture of the tattoo, but we also have video of him getting inked on the back of his shaved head with what appears to be the face of the Venus de Milo, the famous statue with its arms cut off that’s housed in the Louvre Museum in Paris.

The Venus de Milo depicts the Greek goddess of beauty and love, Aphrodite. But commenters on Brown’s Instagram page and on the YouTube video, however, didn’t love the tattoo or find it beautiful at all. In fact, Brown got slammed for what many felt was an ugly tattoo on his head, of all places. “That looks so stupid,” wrote a fan, who saw the YouTube video. Others who watched the video similarly called him “crazy” and the tattoo “wrong.”

On Twitter, an account with the handle ‏@crissles wrote, “i wish chris brown would take his meds,” and @IamAkademiks tweeted, “Damn Chris Brown must be losing his mind since Karrueche left him.” And there were many more unfavorable reactions to the head tattoo. Check out the photo and video below of Brown’s new head tattoo, and tell us what you think.

Chris Brown Head Tattoo



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