Chris Brown “Fine By Me” Video: Watch Singer Fight For His Life

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chris brown fine by me

By Michael Lewittes |

chris brown fine by me


Chris Brown released an action-packed music video for “Fine By Me” on Friday. Watch below!

Brown released the clip early Friday morning tweeting, “#TEAMBREEZY I do this for you! #BlackFriday #ROYALTY #FINEBYME.” The video, which was directed by Brown, features the singer being lured into an alleyway by a beautiful woman. When he follows her into a seemingly abandoned building, he is given a change of clothes before being confronted by a man on a TV screen.

The man tells Brown that the bartender who drugged the singer in the music video for “Liquor” was actually working for him, and now he wants the drug she put in his drink back. The only way to get it? Directly through Brown’s blood, which prompts the man to send three “friends” to rough him up. The singer then has to fight for his life before he gets a chance to come face to face with the man behind the screen.

“Fine By Me” is the fourth single from Brown’s upcoming seventh studio album, Royalty. As Gossip Cop reported, the album, which is currently available for pre-order, is named after the singer’s 1-year-old daughter, Royalty. Watch the new music video below, and let Gossip Cop know what you think!


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