Chris Brown Urges Fans To Donate To GoFundMe For 4-Year-Old Boy’s “New Legs”

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Chris Brown GoFundMe

By Shari Weiss |

Chris Brown GoFundMe

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Chris Brown wants to help a 4-year-old boy get “new legs.” On Tuesday, the singer urged fans to donate to a GoFundMe account for Carter Brigui, who suffers from cerebral palsy.

Due to the disease, which affects his motor functions, Carter is not able to walk without the assistance of crutches. His doctors, however, think his condition is going to worsen to the point where he is wheelchair-bound for the rest of his life. There is hope, though, in the form of a surgery that would seek to make his leg muscles more usable.

On the GoFundMe page, his parents write, “Carter is an extremely happy, chatty, polite and active four-year-old who would love to be running around with his friends and playing football. Unfortunately Carter is restricted and cannot balance without his walking frame. He is unable to stand or walk without his walking frame and is often in a lot of pain due to the spasticity (stiffness) in his muscles, which causes him to be extremely sad and has him often asking, ‘Why can I not walk, run and jump like my friends?'”

But if the procedure is a success, Carter “will not have to constantly rely on his walking frame to get around, and with a lot of work and determination Carter could be running around and playing football with his friends unaided,” they say. But “if Carter does not get this operation Carter is at huge risk of living the rest of his life wheelchair bound and as he gets older due to his muscles getting tighter and stiffer he will no longer be able to use his walking frame to get himself mobile.”

And so, his parents are asking for donations to “get Carter his NEW LEGS that he has always dreamed of.” Their goal is set at £50,000, which is approximately $65,000. Currently, less than £10,000 has been raised by 157 people over the course of 20 days. It’s unclear how Brown became aware of the fundraising campaign, but now he’s hoping his fan base will take part.

“Every child deserves to run dance and play. Let’s help Carter get his new legs,” he tweeted on Tuesday with both a link to the GoFundMe page and a photo of Carter. Brown himself is dad to 3-year-old daughter Royalty. Carter’s aunt wrote on Twitter after seeing the singer spread the word, “@chrisbrown IS AMAZING! My nephew Carter! Thank you SO MUCH!!!!” She added, “Thank you, We are literally crying at work, you have no idea what this simple gesture means to us.” If so inclined, go to to donate.

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