Chris Brown Is NOT Dating “Alec Baldwin’s Daughter” Hailey Baldwin, Despite Report

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Chris Brown Dating Hailey Baldwin

By Shari Weiss |

Chris Brown Dating Hailey Baldwin

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Chris Brown is NOT dating “Alec Baldwin’s daughter Hailey.” Gossip Cop can debunk this laughably wrong story. For starters, Hailey Baldwin is NOT Alec Baldwin’s “daughter.”

The allegation comes from the clueless-as-ever MediaTakeOut, which claimed, “So the word on the street… aka TWITTER, is that Chris hooked up with Hailey while in Cannes. The two even posted pics inside the same hotel. Nothing is CONFIRMED — it’s just RUMORS FOR NOW.”

Of course, MediaTakeOut doesn’t care about confirmation, and ran the article without any fact-checking whatsoever. The webloid even went on to write, “Wouldn’t it be GREAT to see how her CRAZY father Alec Baldwin would react to his daughter dating CHRIS???” and added, “Hailey’s dad Alec Baldwin is a complete LUNATIC!!”

We repeat: HAILEY BALDWIN IS NOT ALEC BALDWIN’S DAUGHTER. She is his niece. Hailey’s ACTUAL father is Alec’s brother, Stephen. Regardless, there is nothing going on between Hailey and Brown, despite MediaTakeOut’s “new couple alert.” They are not “smashing,” as the site so eloquently put it, clearly unaware that many stars stay at the same hotel and hang out together while at the Cannes Film Festival.

Of course, MediaFakeOut, as it’s often known, seems to have a “new couple alert” for Brown every week. In the last few months alone, Gossip Cop has corrected the webloid for wrongly claiming he was back with Karrueche Tran, falsely alleging he was dating Candice Brook, inaccurately saying Briona Mae was his new girlfriend. Do not get your Chris Brown relationship news from MediaTakeOut. Or your Baldwin news for that matter, either.


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