Chris Brown: “All Life Matters”

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Chris Brown All Life Matters Rant

By Shari Weiss |

Chris Brown All Life Matters Rant

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Chris Brown argued “all life matters” in an epic rant on Twitter on Monday.

The singer sent nearly two dozen tweets in the early morning hours about war, peace, and the “black male stereotype.” It’s unclear what prompted Brown to sound off at the very moment, but he was seemingly inspired by the recent terrorist attacks in Paris and the ongoing Black Lives Matter movement. And Brown, who often deletes his tweets, has so far left his messages up for seven hours.

Brown’s “speech” began, “When you are angry, judgmental, racist, depressed, and you make a choice based on that, it’s usually becuz of fear. As people we are supposed to experience all these emotions so we learn from them. It’s ok to be afraid. It’s ok to be who you are. That is what makes you YOU. Faith and hope are sometimes misused by greed and envy. LOVE is the goal!”

“Can everyone see how the world is falling apart?” asked the performer. “Everyone so separate and afraid. The world brands us and labels sh*t to associate it with. We are born and taught how to behave, think and it limits us. Society is controlled by fear. People are afraid to be who they truly are because they limit themselves to other people’s standards.”

Brown, who was nominated but did not attend Sunday’s American Music Awards, went on to argue, “You have to have the negatives so u appreciate the lessons they teach you. It’s the balance. From the moment we were born we have been learning. AND THE GREATEST GIFT GOD HAS GIVEN US IS THE GIFT OF FREE WILL. There is a choice.”

“People live on the surface. They believe what they want so the won’t have to be afraid. Everyone has a task no matter how big nor small. And everyone can really make a difference,” continued the musician, adding, “All the WARs and slaughtering of innocent lives only breed more hate. From all governments. Even ours.”

Brown then laid out how he believes people should live their lives. “We are too busy focusing on the day to day ‘plan’ to be workers or slaves. The goal is to reach a new level of consciousness,” he tweeted. “We have the make the choice as a society to want more. What is the purpose on this planet? We live we die.”

“Wouldn’t you wanna say I lived my life to the fullest and enjoyed it,” wondered the star, pointing out, “I may have money, cars, fame. I love nice things but I also know they aren’t important.”

The controversial figure then stated, “I stand for the black male stereotype and hold it proudly. Becuz I’m able to connect with the people society doesn’t give a f*ck about. I’m here to show any race that you are strong and beautiful. Struggle is growth, PAIN is growth.”

“#alllifematters everyone needs someone’s help. I’m not perfect and have done my fair share of wrongs. And that’s why I speak for the weak,” Brown wrote in his second to last tweet. He concluded, “You can be whatever you wanna be. And don’t let the fear from others make you question or doubt your inner light. Ok I’m done.”

Brown’s final tweet was capped off with a heart emoji. It was also “liked” more than 9,000 times and retweeted more than 7,000, suggesting his comments resonated with followers. Tell us what YOU think below.


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