Chris Blue “The Voice” Audition Video: Watch “Tracks Of My Tears” Performance!

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Chris Blue The Voice Audition Video

By Shari Weiss |

Chris Blue The Voice Audition Video


Chris Blue was the final season 12 Blind Audition on Tuesday’s “The Voice.” Check out the video below!

The 26-year-old, currently living in Tennessee, comes from a musical family. He and six siblings all sing, and he performed with his brothers growing up. They even appeared on the “Bobby Jones Gospel” show on BET. But now, with his fiancée recovering from cancer, Blue is pouring his emotions into a solo career.

“Going from watching the show at home to finally being here, it’s like I pinch myself to make sure I’m not dreaming,” he said. Before taking the stage, he even said, “For all I know, there could only be one spot left. And I’m going to sing as if that spot belongs to me.”

Keys and the rest of the coaches immediately seemed taken in by Blue’s smooth cover of “The Tracks Of My Tears,” Smokey Robinson’s 1965 hit with The Miracles. She dramatically hit her button, and stood to enthusiastically applaud when he was finished. “Wow,” she exclaimed.

Gwen Stefani actually admitted, “If I’m looking real sour right now, it’s because my team is full. And Alicia got real lucky because she was so patient.” And Adam Levine said he was “sad” after Blue cited him as a vocal influence. The moment was made all the more exciting when his mother and fiancée joined him on stage. Watch below!

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