Chloe Kohanski “The Voice” Top 10 Video – Watch “Call Me” Performance

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Chloe Kohanski performed a Blondie song for her Top 10 performance on “The Voice” on Monday. Watch the video below!

As Gossip Cop reported, Kohanski’s Blind Audition performance of Fleetwood Mac’s “The Chain” had three coaches fighting over her, including Miley Cyrus. The aspiring star admitted she was “obsessed” with the coach, so it was no surprise that she chose to join Team Miley. But as much as Cyrus loved her, she let Kohanski go during the Knockouts, instead choosing to keep Ashland Craft. Blake Shelton and Jennifer Hudson, both of whom originally hit their buttons for the contestant during the auditions, then went for the steal.

Saved from the brink of elimination, Kohanski picked Shelton to be her new coach, and that’s proven to be a smart decision so far. Last week, the singer arguably became the new season 13 frontrunner when her cover of “Total Eclipse Of The Heart” hit number one on the iTunes singles chart. Now coach and artist hoped to continue that momentum this week, particularly with a double elimination slated for Tuesday’s results show.

For her new performance, Kohanski took on Blondie’s “Call Me.” In rehearsal, she revealed that performing this particular song is a check off her bucket list, and even confessed that she listens to the track every morning. Shelton also thought it was “right up” her alley. “It’s almost like dynamites are about to explode,” he said. “I’m excited.”

Shelton was certainly excited after the official live performance, joining Jennifer Hudson in a standing ovation, but it was Cyrus who got to speak first. “I just want to tell you how happy this performance just made me. This style of music, the look that you just brought to this generation,” she gushed. Shelton then said to his artist, “Did you hear me screaming ‘yes’? Oh my gosh, I mean, YES!”

He went on, “Chloe, there’s not much left to say after that because that just happened. I don’t have to sell what just happened to people who saw that. Sis, you are a star, period.” Check out the video below!

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