Chloe Kohanski “The Voice” Audition Video – Watch “The Chain” Performance

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Chloe Kohanski The Voice Audition Video

By Shari Weiss |

Chloe Kohanski The Voice Audition Video


Chloe Kohanski had three coaches fighting over her during Monday’s “The Voice,” but was pretty “obsessed” with just one of them. Check out the video below!

Before taking the stage for her Blind Audition, the 23-year-old Nashville native said she favors “psych-rock,” but sees Miley Cyrus as iconic. “I might be in love with her, I don’t know,” Kohanski amusingly admitted. And though she predicted she would “pass out” if the pop star turned around, the contestant managed to keep it together through her performance of Fleetwood Mac’s “The Chain.” What’s more is Jennifer Hudson and Blake Shelton hit their buttons, too.

Shelton was most attracted to Kohanski’s sound, telling her, “My favorite is when you just started opeing up and your voice started to crack and shred… I really would love to have you on my team so bad.” Hudson was interested in her “sass,” saying, “Your vibe is so cool, it made me just want to be your friend.” And that “vibe” combined with her voice made Kohanski a “superstar” in the coach’s mind. Meanwhile, Cyrus bonded with her over their shared hometowns and more. “I kind of aspired to be like Stevie [Nicks], and just turning around and seeing your style, it seems like you really know who you are.” She even said that there’s songs for her “that would really end up working with me, too.”

When Cyrus brought up her pets, Hudson interrupted to point out, “I’ve got three dogs, and their names are Oscar, Grammy and Dreamgirl… I’m fighting so hard because I feel that connection.” Shelton wasn’t done, either, telling Kohanski, “I think that you can be in the finale. Let’s cut through all the whatever.” As the trio continued to battle, Adam Levine cut his colleagues off to ask for a decision. Teary-eyed, the aspiring star said, “You’ll never know how much each of your words meant to me just now. But I am obsessed with Miley, so I’m gonna go with Miley.” Watch the video below!

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