Chipotle Twitter Hacked, Feed Replaced With Swastika And Racist, Homophobic Tweets – SEE SCREENSHOT

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Chipotle Twitter Hacked

By Michael Lewittes |

Chipotle Twitter Hacked


Chipotle’s twitter account was hacked early Sunday morning, with its logo changed to a Swastika and its feed filled racist, homophobic, and anti-government tweets. The first tweet read, “It is our regret that we will be closing all Chipotle restaurants on Dec. 31, 2015. @TheCeltic666 has poisoned our meat supply. LOL F*GS.” That was quickly followed by the equally offensive, “We are now in full support of the Nazi party. F*ck that N*gger Obama.” Gossip Cop has a screenshot of some of the tweets below, but warns it contains highly offensive language.

Other subsequent tweets railed about the “frauds and bullies” in the government and such agencies as the NSA, FBI, and CIA. A couple of hours later, Chipotle’s logo was restored and the hacked tweets were deleted. The company then tweeted, “We apologize for the very offensive messages sent out from our account earlier tonight. We were unfortunately hijacked temporarily.”

Two Twitter accounts that claimed responsibility for the hack, @TUGFeds and @TheCeltics, had their accounts suspended by Twitter. No reason was given by the hackers for targeting the fast-food chain.

Just last month, Taylor Swift had been hacked by individuals who claimed they had nude photos of Swift and threatened to post them. Of course, there are no naked pictures out there of the singer, and the hackers similarly were suspended from Twitter. See the screenshot of the Chipotle hack below.

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