Are Chip and Joanna Gaines suffering marriage problems over their huge new hotel project in Waco, Texas, as a tabloid is alleging this week? Gossip Cop has investigated the claim. The story isn't true.

A report in the Globe alleges that the former Fixer Upper stars are fighting because the new hotel project they recently announced is causing stress and tension between them. The article quotes a so-called insider as saying, "They're sinking everything they've got into this project and it's costing them an absolute fortune." The publication claims the hotel is a $22 million project, though that number has not corroborated by any other outlets, so it's dubious at best.

The story goes on quoting suspicious numbers, with the supposed "insider" telling the outlet, "They're spending $100,000 a day minimum, with no end in sight. It seems everywhere they turn, problems keep arising." At this point, it's worth pointing out that the project was announced just three weeks ago and as teased in a Today show interview airing on October 27, the couple has barely even started demolition. The idea that "problems keep arising" is ridiculous, as the construction is barely even underway. It's also worth noting, as the couple did in their YouTube announcement of the project, that they have partners on this project, so the entire weight of the investment isn't falling on their shoulders.

As for the couple's marriage being in "crisis," there's no truth to it. Like the rest of the article, it's not based on any facts. In their upcoming interview with Today, the couple is laughing, joking and speaking fondly about their family. Earlier this week, Chip and Joanna announced their launching their own TV network based on their Magnolia brand, appropriately called the Magnolia Network. It's safe to say that a couple with marriage problems due to stress and tension wouldn't be starting their own TV network.

The tabloids have been wrong about the couple's life before. Two years ago, shortly after the spouses announced they were ending their successful run on HGTV, the Globe's sister publication, Star, published a bogus report about Chip and Joanna being on the verge of signing a "$10 million deal" for a network primetime show. As Gossip Cop pointed out when we corrected the publication's report, the couple was looking to spend more time with family two years ago, but weren't ruling out a return to TV.

As usual, time has proven Gossip Cop's reporting to be correct as the couple did take a break from TV and focused on their family, including welcoming their fifth child last year. It wasn't until now that they're announcing their return to television, but on their own network - not on primetime. While the tabloids may act like they have the inside scoop on the couple's career and personal life, it's clear they don't have a clue.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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