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Chip and Joanna Gaines have built a monster home improvement empire. After leaving their hit HGTV show Fixer Upper, they've since launched their own network, Magnolia. Whenever a couple is in the spotlight as much as the Gaines' are, the tabloids will usually pounce, and they have. Here are a few times Gossip Cop has busted the tabloids for false stories involving the couple.

In November 2018, In Touch alleged Joanna and Christina El Moussa were "at war." The magazine claimed El Moussa was "furious" at Gaines for "stealing her thunder" by announcing the new network on The Tonight Show after El Moussa had announced her new show on HGTV. The publication quoted a so-called "insider" as saying, "Christina can't help feeling out-shined by Joanna, especially now that she's getting her own network."

The story was demonstrably false, as Gossip Cop said at the time. Not only did El Moussa's rep deny the story on the record, but the Flip or Flop star herself took to Instagram and denied the feud rumors, calling them "a load of [expletive]."

In December 2018 In Touch's sister publication, OK!, went in the opposite direction. Rather than asserting El Moussa was mad at Joanna for the Gaines' new network, the outlet said El Moussa was kissing up to Joanna in the hopes that she would put in a good word with Discovery execs, and maybe even involve her in one of her new spinoffs." This was in spite of El Moussa already having her own show on HGTV, so the story made little sense.

Last month, with the Gaines' network ramping up its PR in anticipation of its launch, the tabloids once again seized on the opportunity to make waves with more false reporting. The Globe published a bogus article claiming the Gaines were having marriage problems due to their new hotel project in their hometown of Waco. The scenario was disproven by an interview the couple did with NBC talking about their hotel, their new network and their family. The spouses were clearly in great spirits about all three, in direct contrast to what the tabloid falsely wrote. Gossip Cop was once again there to bust the story.

In that interview, the couple playfully joked about the prospect of having a sixth child. Chip was enthusiastic about having another kid, but Joanna wasn't so sure, especially since their fifth child was less than a year old. In Touch decided to declare Chip and Joanna were having another baby and splashed the headline: "Chip & Joanna Baby Announcement!" The story was made up, using the tabloid's old trick of the trade, quoting unnamed and untraceable sources. Gossip Cop checked in with the couple's rep, who told us on the record that the story was "totally false."

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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