Are Chip and Joanna Gaines’ unreasonable demands really holding up the launch of their new home improvement network? One tabloid is reporting that they are. Gossip Cop has the real story.

A dubious story in the latest issue of Star claims that the Fixer Upper superstars are making “diva demands,” which echoes a story we debunked last week in the tabloid’s sister publication, Life & Style. As we’ve reported numerous times, the network has been delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic after being set to launch this fall.

In this latest phony report, a supposed “insider” claims that the Gaines’ “are treating the network and all of the programming as one giant commercial to push their product lines and their personal brands.” This so-called source is especially harsh toward Joanna Gaines, alleging, “Joanna doesn’t like the idea of her shows being interrupted with commercials. She’s insisting on only one of two breaks per episode, which makes the ads incredibly expensive — and very hard to sell.”

The “insider”, possibly the same unreliable source from the article Gossip Cop busted last week, adds, “Chip and Joanna are making things really difficult. The network’s bending over backwards, but it seems there’s no keeping them happy,” which is word for word what the supposed source said in last week’s bogus article. Gossip Cop reached out to the couple’s spokesperson about the previous story who told us,

"The decision to delay the network's launch was solely influenced by pandemic-related production delays. Nothing more to it."

Additionally, it’s pretty reasonable to expect that the couple plan to use the network to sell their brand. After all, it’s named The Magnolia Network. Magnolia is, of course, also the name of Chip and Joanna Gaines’ lifestyle brand. It seems a big selling point for the network is that very brand. Why would network executives be upset by the idea?

This is just the latest shot by the gossip media to try to take down the wildly popular couple. After the announcement was made that the network would launch in the fall of 2020, another sister publication of Star, OK!, wrote that the “delay” was due to stress. In actual fact, there was no delay as there had been no official announcement about the network’s timeline.

Usually, the tabloids focus on Chip and Joanna’s private family life, like the multiple times Gossip Cop has debunked phony reports about Joanna having a sixth child, but lately, more attention has been put on the couple’s businesses and brands. The truth is, none of these tabloids have any insight into either.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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