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Chip and Joanna Gaines are most well-known for their hit HGTV remodeling show Fixer Upper. That show concluded its five-season run in 2018 but, fans of the show rejoice, it’s coming back on the Gaines’ new TV station The Magnolia Network. That is if the two aren’t feuding as some tabloids are currently claiming. Gossip Cop is taking a closer look.

A Fresh Strain On The Marriage

According to the National Enquirer, Chip and Joanna were doing a-okay before the new TV deal was signed. A so-called insider claims “they’ve been bickering about it ever since Chip agreed to the deal.” This upset Joanna “because Chip made the decision without her.” Joanna would prefer to raise the family, and she’s “concerned he’s bitten off more than they can chew.”

Disturb Plans For Another Baby?

Another reason for Joanna’s tumult is that the new program is disturbing the plan for baby no. 6. “The couple had even discussed adding to their brood,” the tabloid says, but with the TV launch around the corner, “Joanna is having second thoughts.” The big issue for the couple, as restated in the article’s conclusion, is that “Joanna’s irritated he didn’t include her in the decision-making.”

A Close Family With No Such Unilateral Decisions

The Gaines’ have an almost fairytale relationship. Anyone who has seen Fixer Upper would know it would be radically out of character for Chip to make such a huge deal without consulting his wife and business partner. Joanna has already posted about the revival on her Instagram, and, seeing as she’ll be featured heavily on the returning Fixer Upper, it’s safe to say she’s on board with the show. To confirm what was obvious to us, Gossip Cop reached out to the Gaines' official spokesperson who told us in no uncertain terms, the decision was mutual, telling us,

They are the heads of their network – the decision to bring the show back was truly theirs and theirs alone. What’s to fight about? They’re having a blast.

The New Network Has Bred Tabloid Contempt

The pandemic has caused delays for nearly every entertainment property imaginable, and the Gaines’s are no exception. The Magnolia Network launch hasn’t exactly been smooth sailing, and as such has been the subject of many tabloid rumors. The couple’s spokesperson told Gossip Cop at the time: “The decision to delay the network's launch was solely influenced by pandemic-related production delays. Nothing more to it.”

This Tabloid Has Missed The Mark On The Gaines Family Before

This story cites an earlier Enquirer story about when “their brand was tarnished” by a lack of real estate sales on their flipped homes. Gossip Cop actually busted that very story by speaking to the couple’s spokesperson who said “this is not true. If it were, I suspect the 'local real estate sources' would have proudly attached their names to the insights.” This tabloid has repeatedly missed the mark when it comes to the Gaines family, and should not be trusted.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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