Chevy Chase Liver Transplant Story NOT True

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Chevy Chase Liver Transplant

By Shari Weiss |

Chevy Chase Liver Transplant

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A story claiming Chevy Chase is in desperate need of a liver transplant is inaccurate, Gossip Cop has learned exclusively. Gossip Cop can correct the report, which comes from one of the tabloids.

The allegation can be found in this week’s issue of the National Enquirer, where a headline announces that Chase “Needs A Liver Now!” In the accompany article, which is filled with fake concern for the actor, it’s said, “Booze-soaked Chevy Chase has entered rehab for a third time in a last-ditch bid to dry out — but he’ll still die without a new liver!”

The supermarket tabloid quotes a doctor who has never met Chase as saying, “Given his history, this could be the last year of his life.” Again, this doctor has never treated the star, but still finds it okay to make a diagnosis. “He’s collected fatty deposits in the liver from being both obese and alcoholic. That can lead to cirrhosis, live cancer and even death,” says the medical professional, who obviously isn’t acting very professional by making serious health claims to a gossip magazine.

Gossip Cop spoke with a source close to Chase, who understandably scoffed at the National Enquirer acting like it knows all about something as personal and private as his heath status. “What could the Enquirer possibly know about Chevy’s liver?!” pointed out our contact. “It could be the last year of everyone’s life… This is crazy!”

And the publication has a disturbing history of running alarming, but untrue near-death stories about a number of other stars. While there’s no denying Chase has had health problems over the years, our insider maintains that this particular story is not accurate.

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Chevy Chase needs a liver transplant.

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