Chevy Chase Going To Die This Year, Claims National Enquirer

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Chevy Chase Dead

By Daniel Gates |

Chevy Chase Dead

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Chevy Chase is going to die this year, claims the National Enquirer. The magazine claims the actor’s “weight gain and heart problems” mean he has “9 months to live.” The Enquirer says “medical experts” gave the tabloid this supposed scoop. It’s all pretty heinous.

“This could very well be the last year of his life,” some random doctor who’s never treated Chase tells the Enquirer. Another physician who has nothing to do with Chase explains that the star’s weight gain may be a result of “food addiction,” and that “continuing this behavior will shorten his life span considerably.”

The second doctor adds, “Weight gain in general is stressful. The heart has to work harder. That can lead to congestive heart failure and increased risk of death.” The article is filled with similar statements, which have absolutely nothing to do with Chase’s specific, individual health status. Basically, the Enquirer found a couple of doctors to explain that weight gain is unhealthy. That’s it.

Where did the Enquirer come up with the “9 months to live” timetable? The tabloid provides literally no support for its headline. None. There’s not even a reference to “9 months” in the article itself. The story is total garbage.

Of course, the Enquirer has a long history of making up death sentences for celebrities. In 2009, the outlet claimed Kirstie Alley was dying. In 2012, the outlet claimed Macaulay Culkin had “6 months to live.” In 2013, the outlet claimed Angelina Jolie was dying. In 2014, the outlet claimed Liza Minnelli was in her “last days.” All of those people are still alive. None died. And there’s no reason to think Chase won’t still be around in 2016. The Enquirer’ “reporting” is as shameful as it is wrong.


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