Cher Stem Cell Treatments Report NOT True

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Cher Stem Cell Treatments

By Shari Weiss |

Cher Stem Cell Treatments

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Cher has not been “ravaged” by stem cell treatments, despite an alarming, but false, report. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct the story. We’re told, in no uncertain terms, that it’s simply “dog sh*t.”

A Monday headline from RadarOnline reads, “Medical Experiments Ravage Cher — Radical Treatments Save Life… But Ruin Diva’s Body!” According to the site, “Gutsy Cher fought back from the brink of death using an experimental medical treatment, but the life-saving therapy destroyed her body — and her famous face.” It’s alleged that after being “crippled by the vicious Epstein-Barr virus,” the singer underwent “controversial stem cell treatments to combat the disease.”

“Her life was saved, but insiders said the experimental medical technique took a terrible toll, especially on her face, which has undergone extensive plastic surgery,” claims the webloid. A so-called “source” is quoted as saying, “Cher’s face is beginning to come apart. It’s drooping and sagging and she doesn’t know how to rectify it! Part of that has to do with too many cosmetic procedures and her advancing age. But all the aggressive stem cell treatments she’s received over the years have adversely affected her body, too.”

And, after consulting with a doctor who has never treated her, the site claims the “outlook for Cher’s body and face to rebound is dim.” The outlet’s alleged tipster also says, “Between the plastic surgery and the treatments, her face and body are falling apart!” If any of this sounds familiar, it’s because sister outlet the National Enquirer has spent the last year claiming Cher is dying (see below).

Gossip Cop has correctly debunked the allegation again and again. And now this new story of Cher “falling apart” due to stem cell treatments is equally untrue. Or, as a rep for the superstar exclusively tells us, “It’s dog sh*t.”

The spokesperson notes, “She was on holiday in the South of France recently, went on stage last week to perform with her friend Michael McDonald at The Greek in L.A., attended TED Talks, is campaigning for Hillary Clinton on the East Coast in the next two weeks, [and] starting work on a new album. We should all have her stamina.” Simply put, Cher wouldn’t be doing any of that if she was as bad off as RadarOnline claims.


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