Cher Still NOT Dying, Despite Report

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Cher Dying December 2015

By Shari Weiss |

Cher Dying December 2015

(National Enquirer)

Cher is still NOT dying, despite a certain tabloid trying to kill off the music icon for the third time this year. Once again, Gossip Cop can debunk the shameful report. A rep for Cher exclusively tells us the story is “disgusting.”

In April, the National Enquirer published a cover story announcing “Cher Dying!” That was followed in July by a new cover declaring “Dying Cher: The End.” And now on Tuesday, the supermarket tabloid’s new issue hit newsstands blaring once more, “Cher Dying!”

This new edition alleges Cher “fears she won’t live to celebrate turning 70 next May” due to continued health issues. One so-called “inside source” is quoted as saying, “She’s even told pals that she’s to weak to go on, saying, ‘Let me die!'” The alleged source adds, “Cher is fading fast. There’s no hope for her.”

It actually seems there’s “no hope” for the National Enquirer putting accuracy before sensationalism. Cher wasn’t dying in April. She wasn’t dying in July. And she’s still not dying now in December. A rep for Cher exclusively tells Gossip Cop the new story is “not true,” and pointedly adds, “And clearly it wasn’t true the last times they wrote about her life ending.”

The National Enquirer trades on being morbid. When it’s not predicting a celebrity’s death (Angelina Jolie, Chevy Chase, etc.), it’s photoshopping deathbed pictures (Bobbi Kristina Brown) and publishing casket photos (Whitney Houston). The tabloid is trash, plain and simple. Look no further than the covers below for proof.



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