Cher Withholding Money From Chaz Bono?

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Cher Witholding Money Chaz Bono

By Shari Weiss |

Cher Witholding Money Chaz Bono

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Is Cher withholding money from Chaz Bono? A report bizarrely claims the famous family’s finances are tied to Bono’s changing weight. Gossip Cop looked into the suspicious story.

This week the National Enquirer took a break from insisting Cher is dying to exclaim in a headline, “Cher Puts The Squeeze On 300 LB. Chaz!” The accompanying article claims, “Cher is so disgusted with her daughter-turned-son’s shocking lack of control she’s tightening his belt — literally — holding back his monthly allowance from her vast fortune every time he gains weight and only releasing funds when he slims down!”

“She’s given up trying to reason with him,” a so-called “source” is quoted as saying. “She wants to save his life, but nothing she’s done has worked so far. She figures her money talks even better than she can!”

The alleged tipster goes on to claim, “It’s no surprise she’s pulling back his purse strings. Cher never understood why her child engages in such self-destructive behavior. She’s always been critical of Chaz and has no intention of stopping now!”

But this mean-spirited tale is far from true, and there’s one glaring red flag right in the story. The supermarket tabloid says the singer has a “vast fortune,” despite claiming Cher was “broke” and “dying” in June. The National Enquirer doesn’t care about consistency or accuracy.

It doesn’t even care about respect, as evidenced by all the different classless ways it referred to Bono’s transition throughout its piece. As for the allegations that Cher is withholding money from her son, a rep for the superstar exclusively tells Gossip Cop the magazine is “wrong as usual.” And far from being “critical” of Bono, the spokesperson points out that Cher “talked about her love for Chaz and how proud she is of him” at her recent fundraisers for Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

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Cher is withholding money from Chaz Bono.

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