The National Enquirer has been trying to kill off Cher for years with a multitude of bogus reports about the legendary singer allegedly dying. Gossip Cop has repeatedly corrected the tabloid's phony narrative, and Cher herself proved she's still very healthy and spry during her spirited performance at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards on Sunday night.

As Gossip Cop reported, Cher performed "Believe" and "If I Could Turn Back Time" at the 2017 BBMAs, where she was also honored by Gwen Stefani with the Icon Award. The 71-year-old superstar confidently showed off her body in revealing outfits during her two performances, and later joked while accepting her award, "I can do a five-minute plank." The singer is quite clearly in great shape for any age, but the Enquirer tries to wrongly have its readers believe otherwise on a regular basis.

Gossip Cop first called out the magazine in April 2015 when it falsely claimed that Cher's friends feared she'd commit suicide. The outlet blared "Cher Dying!" on its cover, while the accompanying article alleged the singer was battling life-threatening illnesses and "crippling depression" over professional and personal stress. However, a rep for Cher exclusively assured us at the time, "She's in great spirits and good physical health."

In July 2015, Gossip Cop debunked the Enquirer's cover story purporting that Cher was dying of kidney and heart failure. Later that year, we busted another phony cover report about the singer undergoing a 6-hour emergency surgery to save her life after being on the verge of death. A spokesperson for the singer told us the story was "not true," adding, "And clearly it wasn't true the last times they wrote about her life ending."

But just two months later, in February 2016, the publication claimed Cher was writing a death-bed tell all, in which she'd reveal all of her "dying secrets." In June 2016, Gossip Cop once again corrected the outlet after it published a cover story saying Cher was "dying" and "broke." But thanks to Cher's lively performance at Sunday's BBMAs, the singer has proven all of the Enquirer's reports to be dead wrong. Check out a gallery below of the tabloid's many inaccurate covers.
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