Cher NOT Dying Or Suicidal, Despite National Enquirer Report (EXCLUSIVE)

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Cher Dying

By Daniel Gates |

Cher Dying

(National Enquirer)

Cher is NOT dying, and her friends do not fear she’ll commit suicide, despite the latest ghoulish National Enquirer cover story attempting to spread alarm about an imminent celebrity death. Gossip Cop can exclusively bust the report.

According to the outlet, the performer is “fighting for her life — ravaged by a continuing illness and mired in a crippling depression that’s cost her the will to live!” The magazine claims Cher’s friends are concerned she’s “settling into her tragic last days!”

The Enquirer alleges that Cher is suffering from professional stress, exhausted by family feuding, drained by a battle with the Epstein-Barr virus, upset about her son Chaz’s weight, and generally depressed and at the end of her rope. With the performer making limited public appearances since the cancelation of tour dates, the Enquirer portrays her as a physically and emotionally fragile recluse nearing death.

Sometimes, the Enquirer’s bogus reporting about Cher (like last year’s story claiming she was trying to hook up with Bruce Jenner) is adorably lame. But stories like this one, manufacturing a death scare, are indefensibly mean. To concoct “suicidal thoughts” about anyone is irresponsible and wrong.

A rep for Cher tells Gossip Cop exclusively there’s no truth to the cover story. We’re told Cher is in Brazil, where she’s set to receive an award, and has plans to hit the road again for a concert tour. “She’s in great spirits and good physical health,” the spokesperson tells Gossip Cop.


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