Cher Doesn’t Like Broadway Musical About Her Life?

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Cher Broadway Musical

By Michael Lewittes |

Cher Broadway Musical

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Cher doesn’t like the Broadway musical about her life that’s set for the fall of 2018? That’s the claim in one of this week’s tabloids. Gossip Cop, however, can correct this made-up claim.

According to the often disproven National Enquirer, “‘The Cher Show’ is heading to Broadway, and everyone seems excited, except Cher.” The reason? “She found having three actresses playing her at different ages very confusing,” an alleged “pal” of the singer tells supermarket tabloid. “After all, the real Cher doesn’t age,” adds the supposed friend.

While the quote about her not aging is cutesy, it’s also 100 percent fabricated, as is the rest of the magazine’s brief article. A rep for Cher exclusively tells Gossip Cop the assertion that performer is not “excited” about her musical biography and that she found the production “confusing” is entirely wrong. Her spokesperson called the publication’s tale “completely untrue,” noting that Cher is “a co-producer [of the musical] and was very moved when she saw the run-through.” Additionally, when it was announced that the Cher musical was Broadway bound, the singer herself called the entire experience “exciting.”

Cher’s rep further mocked the tabloid for its terrible track record when its comes to reporting about the singing legend. The spokesperson added that Cher’s also “thrilled that she’s still alive,” and playing Las Vegas in May and will be seen in the upcoming movie Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again in July. Of course, the reference to being “thrilled about being alive” relates to the magazine’s repeatedly false claims about Cher being on the verge of death.

For years, the publication has been untruthfully maintaining that Cher is practically. In December 2014, the outlet announced on its cover, “Cher Is Dying.” That was followed up in April 2015 with the more succinct “Cher Dying.” In July of that same year, the Enquirer switched it up a bit for a cover declaring, “Dying Cher: The End.” But by December 2015, the outlet had returned to the always pithy, “Cher Dying.”

Not ready to give up its inaccurate narrative, by February 2016 the magazine announced on yet another cover that it had details about “Cher’s Deathbed Tell-All.” And in June of that same year, it exclaimed, “Dying Cher: Broke & Alone.” (See some of the covers below.) Suffice to say, the tabloid has been dead wrong about the singer’s health, and it’s also dead wrong about her not being excited about the upcoming Broadway musical, “The Cher Story.”


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