Chelsea Manning: Caitlyn Jenner Is “Grinch Who Stole Trans Movement”

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Chelsea Manning Caitlyn Jenner Grinch

By Shari Weiss |

Chelsea Manning Caitlyn Jenner Grinch

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Caitlyn Jenner was blasted as a “Grinch” on Christmas Eve by Chelsea Manning, the U.S. soldier currently imprisoned for violating the Espionage Act.

Like Jenner, Manning is also transgender. She came out in 2013, just one day after being sentenced to 35 years in prison. Despite being behind bars, Manning has been able to use Twitter to communicate with the outside world by dictating messages via phone that are then posted on her behalf.

And on Thursday, she shared a harsh message about Jenner. “In 2015 @Caitlyn_Jenner ws the grinch who stole (& sold out) the trans movement,” said Manning. “All I want 4 Xmas is Universal Trans Lib. #ChristmasEve2015.”

Jenner has not responded to the message, but Manning is not the first to criticize her. As Gossip Cop reported, the former Olympian was confronted by protesters in Chicago in November, and was told she’s an “insult to trans people.” And earlier this month, Jenner wrote a blog post apologizing for a controversial interview she gave to TIME about being trans.

“I guess it’s true that there are some things that I have not gotten right. Sometimes this is because I’m still finding out about the issues,” said Jenner. “Sometimes this is because something that is true for me isn’t true for other people in our community. And sometimes I’ve said things that just come out the wrong way.”

She went on to write, “I am guessing this is probably not the last time I will say the wrong thing, or say something the wrong way. I promise to keep learning, and to try to be more articulate in the future. We have a lot of hard work to do. I am looking forward to doing it together.”

Manning is pictured above in 2012. TELL US: What do you think of her tweet dissing Jenner?


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