Chelsea Handler Twitter Hacked

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Chelsea Handler Twitter Hacked

By Andrew Shuster |

Chelsea Handler Twitter Hacked

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Chelsea Handler’s Twitter was hacked on Tuesday, making her the latest of several celebrities who have had their accounts seized in the past few days.

A since-deleted tweet that was posted on Handler’s profile asked her fans to follow Drake, in addition to several other random Twitter handles. A second tweet was directed to the official page of FaZe Clan, a gaming community comprised of more than a million people, and said, “Can I join you please?”

Shortly afterwards, a third tweet was sent that said, “I got my account back :) report @trickshotter for spam. they hacked my account.” But despite the message seemingly coming from Handler herself, it appears that it was yet another fake tweet created by the hacker as a diversion.

The Twitter user accused of being the culprit, @trickshotter, later wrote, “Well a hacker decided to tweet at me on a hacked account saying that I’m the hacker, I’m not but I guess it’s funny lmao.” That person further insisted, “Just saying, I did not hack @chelseahandler. Somebody is framing me!” The “I got my account back” tweet has also since been deleted, seemingly confirming that it wasn’t written by Handler.

As Gossip Cop reported, this latest hacking follows similar incidents involving the Twitter accounts of Katy Perry, Kylie Jenner, Drake, Lana Del Rey, Jack Black’s band Tenacious D, and the NFL. It’s unknown if the same person is responsible for all of these various hacks, but the phony tweets have shared similarities. Gossip Cop will continue to monitor the celebrity hacking situation.

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